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Who is selling a carousel? Who is selling a roller coaster? We know where to look for attractions and who is currently replacing their equipment. Thanks to international contacts in the sector of amusement park and funfairs, we have first-hand information! Use the opportunity!


Thanks to long-term cooperation with the industry representatives from Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, China and USA, we are able to provide advice on choosing used equipment or select the producer of a new one. Find out more!


You already have something in mind but you are wondering if you can buy it cheaper somewhere else? Or maybe it would be less expensive to make it by yourself? Show us your attraction with the price and we will tell you if you have a good deal!

Opinions on projects

You already have a project of an amusement park on your desk? Or maybe you are looking for someone who can prepare it for you? We can both give an opinion on the project and prepare the project independently or recommend an experienced partner who will perform feasibility study, masterplan as well as plans for individual attractions.

Equipment renovation

Do you have an old carousel or you have just bought it cheap and you want to give it a glow? We know how to renovate your equipment, what materials to use and we can advise you whether renovation is a good idea at all.

Equipment rental

Are you looking for an attraction for one season or an even shorter period of time? We have many contacts in Poland, Czech Republic and Western Europe. We can help you to bring any carousel to the Christmas market, city festival, a big corporate event or even a wedding!